Pitch Black, Fashion Doctor

The doctor is in. Come ugly, leave fabulous.

Does his expression always look like that?  What a strange Pokémon.  Oh well, at least he’ll have his hands free for battle, that has to be useful.  But I feel sorry for the poor thing, couldn’t you have bought him some pants in his size?

Edit: Dear concerned followers.  With an MD in Pokémon medicine, of course I know loose skin from pants when I see it! I was merely making a joke.  Fear not, your Pokemon are in good hands with me, there will be no accidental flaying for the sake of fashion. 

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  4. cursed-sapphire-heart answered: The pants are what he was hatched with…
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    fuq you pitch scraggy’s face is adorable you have the taste of a bidoof
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  7. ask-catrin answered: Actually, a Scraggy’s pant’s are part of it’s body. When it evolves into a Scrafty, the pants will become a hood.
  8. ask-the-guardian-black answered: ((Fun fact, the pants isn’t really pant’s it’s loose skin.))
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